Today, the market had it's largest point drop ever. 777 points. As many Christians know, that's a significant number- the most holy number throughout the Bible, a triple of sevens. (This is the real reason why 666 is considered the number of evil- it's one less than seven, and Evil in the Bible is considered not the opposite of Good, but almost at the level of Good. This is why it's so insiduous and deceptive- it looks like the real thing. Also, of course, in ancient Hebrew numerology, 666 fits the alphabetical rendering of Nero's name.)

And, as every Christian Fundamentalist knows, the number 777 is still as significant in real life as the number 666. This can only mean that the point drop was an Act of God. He is judging this nation for its pursuit of wealth and mammon, for its lack of care for the poor and outcast, for its not pursuing justice. Can you say, "Chickens coming home to roost?"

I knew you could.


Let's put a stop to the Republican insults.

There's been a lot of talk the last couple days, especially on the residence of satan, Fox News. Obama talked about McCain, and then used a common phrase that McCain has used in the past, stating that, "If you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig."

Now, the context is very clear that Obama was not referring to Palin- unlike the eight times that McCain used that phrase in reference to Hillary Clinton. But evidently Fox News believes so adamantly that we all spend our time listening to McCain-Palin, that they can't believe someone could use a tangentially similar phrase that wasn't similar to something Palin said.

She did say in her speech that the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick. And since Obama was referring to McCain's policies when he used the line, it is perhaps a rather clever riff of the line that Palin gave at the Republican Convention. (Let us leave off to what extent comparing your gender to dogs is truly embracing of feminism.)

But here's the part that I most strenuously object to, and am indeed insulted by. The Republican machine and Fox News have evidently no problem with Palin being compared to an animal, or a dog- she did it herself on the convention floor. What they have a problem with is her allegedly being compared to a pig. And though Obama did nothing of the sort- where do they get off attacking pigs that way?!? Pigs are incredibly clean animals, poddy-trained from birth, and seeking to continuously be in water to keep heat off and stay clean, regardless of how farmers treat them. They have some of the finest curves in the animal kingdom. They are probably the third most intelligent animals, after primates and whales, and certainly far smarter than dogs. Had Obama compared Palin to a pig, it would have been an upgrade from her own comparison of herself to a dog. He of course did not, and so we are left with the Republicans attacking pigs. To call them anything of the sort would be an insult not to them, but to the wondrous pig.